"TNE provides its clients with the operational and technical insight to identify cost-saving opportunities, which can be implemented through innovative smart grid technology solutions."





Case Studies

Google - One Market Plaza, San Francisco

TNE was hired by the building owner to design a sub-metering system as well as develop a real-time energy monitoring platform for Google Headquarters in San Francisco, in order to cover all electrical costs responsibility in excess, based on Google lease.

The goal of this project was to develop a smart metering technology solution capable to quantify the wattage per square-foot on a real-time basis and on a floor by floor basis, as well as automate Google spaces (15 floors occupied) electrical usage billing and capture all cost in excess from pre-determined values for their lighting and HVAC systems separately.

The developed and implemented smart metering technology also allows future Google space expansion as well as further system operations optimization and alarming.

1301 Avenue of the Americas

Paramount Group, Inc. hired TNE to install a new Advanced Metering Infrastructure. The goal of the project was to improve energy cost recovery by better allocating and tracking common area and base building mechanical equipment energy use and costs, as well as to automate tenant utility billing. With a total implementation cost of $560,000, the project led to an estimated annual revenue increase of $1.1 million.

By collecting and analyzing real-time (on a tenth of a second) sub-meter data over the internet, iUse offers a full suite of capabilities including:

  • Energy use monitoring;

  • Utility bill verification;

  • Tenant billing;

  • Budget creation and forecasting;

  • Carbon emissions reporting;

  • Existing BAS integration;

77 Water Street

Goldman Sachs hired TNE to perform a Public Light & Power (PL&P) survey in order to allocate electric usage and cost pertaining to the common areas of its owned 26-story office tower located in the epicenter of New York’s Financial District.

After a thorough investigation of the electrical distribution, all mechanical equipment in the building as well as plug loads, TNE determined that 27.52% of the building annual cost pertains to the common areas, while only 58.73% of it is allocated via the existing tenants sub-metering system.

This resulted in a not currently allocated, therefore not recovered, 13.75% of electric cost due to a sub-metering system inaccuracy which, if replaced with a more advanced metering infrastructure, will lead to additional cost recovery revenue of $215,450.

One57 Tower – 157 West 57th Street

Extell Development Corporation hired TNE to become its sub-metering system maintenance and services provider at its 75-story residential skyscraper, also known as the “The Billionaire Building”.

For One57, TNE was able to design and implement a new custom technology solution for remotely connect the existing and proprietary power line carrier (PLC) sub-meters to the Company web portal and give real-time access to each unit owners for electrical usage and cost monitoring, with a successful result.

This custom technology solution was also introduced to other clients (Rudin Management Co. buildings portfolio) with a different type of PLC technology sub-meters and allowed their integration with the existing building management systems (BAS).