Triplenet professionals, engineers and technical team have been providing energy auditing, system operations improvement and technology integration services for their clients on a variety of commercial and high-rise residential buildings throughout New York City. Our project specific customization is fundamental to the unique requirements within the commercial real estate industry.

Founded by electrical/mechanical engineers and IT systems developers and programmers, who have previously worked for the largest US technology and building systems Corporations such as Johnson Controls, United Technologies Corporation, Schneider Electrics and ST Micro Electronics, our approach remains one of the most innovative due to an immense knowledge of numerous system technologies.



These system protocols are directly applied to energy metering in addition to efficiency improvement measures as well as utility cost allocation and recovery. Our multi-application network platform lays the foundation for an interconnected smart grid through proven, standards-based solutions that are secure, flexible and reliable.



TNE’s mesh network technologies and systems integration give utilities and commercial real estate owners/managers more choices, while ensuring the most efficient and scalable deployment path possible.

Through its well established partnership with various energy engineering and demand side management Companies within the NYC Metro area, TNE could also provide a vast number of demand response and side management solutions for our clients. The unique combination of energy engineering expertise between all parties involved and their energy monitoring system technologies, allowed our clients a substantial increase in demand response revenue, reduction in demand charges and operational costs through the integration of relative remote communication systems tied to energy sub-metering. Our iUse platform provides a real-time view of all utilities - including steam, water and gas - from any web-enabled device and can create communication and connection to the grid and BMS in order to significantly generate revenue as well as additional savings related to electricity, energy allocation and cost recovery optimization through tenants sub-metering.


Part of the services includes asset management, utility bill verification, demand side management and energy efficiency consulting to improve bottom line building efficiency performance and helping to reduce the carbon footprint through sustainability measures.

Cost recovery Strategies

Triple Net Energy LLC performs energy efficiency consulting services for multi-tenant real estate properties within commercial and residential real-estate by providing energy asset management solutions and focusing on energy cost recovery strategies.

Metering Monitoring

Triple Net Energy LLC specializes in providing innovative solutions that reduce exposure to energy market risks and accurately provides energy benchmarking such as real-time energy use consumption based on sub-metering monitoring.


These services enable TNE to provide its clients with the operational and technical insight to identify cost-saving opportunities, which can be implemented through innovative smart grid technology solutions.