TNE is among the most technology advanced smart metering and energy monitoring solutions Companies in the NYC Metro Area with:

1. Extensive systems integration experience, including “legacy” protocols
2. Internal hardware, software and web development capabilities
3. Energy Engineering experience, with specialization in cost allocation, analysis, forecasting and systems performance tracking
4. Understanding Commercial Real Estate owners and managers daily tasks

TNE offers multi-tenant property owners innovative solutions to manage the energy-side of the real-estate business.

Our solutions build upon smart-grid technology, real-time data acquisition, billing automation, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), and web-based dashboards for management and reporting as well as existing operating (BAS) and controls (Lighting, HVAC) systems integration.

While we rely on cutting-edge technologies to bring you the best solutions, we also ensure that they can scale and adapt to your specific building’s needs as they change and grow.  

Energy Management

Systems Integration

The key to the successful implementation of any energy management plan is systems integration. Systems integration is the process of bringing together or linking all subsystems within a facility into a single system that can be controlled and monitored simultaneously.

In order to achieve operational efficiencies, all subsystems must work in concert to form a single optimized system. Care must be taken to consider how individual components function with other components, based on their technology and protocol standards. TNE can perform a required and detailed systems level integration analysis in order to optimize the system as a whole; also taking into account today's highly sophisticated subsystems.

TNE provide Systems Integration for:

  • HVAC Systems

  • Electrical Systems

  • Lighting Systems and Controls

  • Building Automation Systems

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Sub-metering Systems (electric, water, gas, steam, etc.)

Experienced Systems Integrators - At Triple Net Energy, our systems integrators are experienced in the integration of all manner of subsystems from a variety of metering and sensors manufacturers, software platforms as well as Building Automation Systems (BAS), including legacy systems and wireless sensors part of networks with unique communication protocols (IoT).



Sub-metering can determine actual energy usage of leased commercial tenant space as a basis for energy billing or cost recovery.

In commercial space, energy costs are typically included as part of the lease if they are not direct metered by the utility.
In the master-metered property, tenant energy consumption can be established as a fixed energy expense and incorporated
as part of the lease (ERI - rent inclusion basis).

This method may be based on a number of factors including square footage, hours of occupancy, or other pre-negotiated factors. The issue with master metering lies in providing equitable billing and the fact that tenants are not encouraged to conserve energy since the building’s total energy bill is an aggregate, which is divided amongst all. Also, in some cases, energy expenses may simply be a fixed percentage of the lease, resulting in extreme fluctuations in energy costs due to energy market volatility with possible risk to the property owner.

For these reasons, sub-metering can be quite beneficial in assigning actual energy costs to each tenant. Applications of sub-metering may be found in any master metered multiple tenant buildings and are also useful in determining common area energy costs such as lighting, parking lot lighting, HVAC, etc.

When direct metering is not an option, sub-metering can offer a solution to accurately bill each tenant based on their individual energy use.
Our approach is to create a holistic strategy that analyzes tenant energy consumption, associated cost recovery, and the overall building’s energy profile.
TNE offer a variety of metering options to meet your unique needs; the most advanced being an AMI.

All smart metering products we use for systems design are going through an intensive vetting and technology testing process, before being implemented. They have to be able to measure electric, water, gas and steam usage with a level of accuracy which needs to exceed the required ANSI industry standards. The metering technologies TNE mostly use, but not limited to (unbiased approach) are from American based companies, in combination with the most advanced controls automation solutions from European tech Companies, where energy and green sustainability have always been an issue (due to limited energy supply sources with high operational and maintenance costs) since decades.

In addition to the above, as part of our goal to provide our clients with a complete energy management approach, TNE also incorporate "iUse", our real-time energy platform solution which can employ larger sub-metering systems capable of collecting energy data from tenants located in different buildings nationwide (Enterprise solution).


Energy Cost Allocation and Recovery

Without accurate measurement, analysis, forecasting, and billing, you may not be able to recoupe energy costs from your tenants as well as your common spaces.

TNE offer a full-range of services and solutions to help you recover electric, water, gas and steam costs in order to plan for
your future energy budgets with more accurate forecasting

  • Tenant electricity cost allocation and recovery analysis (namual and remote sub-metering)

  • Budget against revenue forecasting

  • Electric rent inclusion costs (ERI) analysis and calculations

  • Base building (PL&P) energy cost survey and calculations

  • Accurate billing and adjustment management

  • Power distribution tracing for new and updated electrical one-line diagrams


Smart Office Automation

Automation doesn’t need to be restricted to your home, but it goes all the way to work!

TNE also offers smart office automation systems solutions for individual commercial tenant spaces.
Our HOMotika Solutions can smarten up and fully automate property owners’ office spaces.

Landlords can now better engage their tenants into saving energy, cutting down on utility cost and responding to load curtailment needs (Demand Response), in addition to making it a great working environment that can also help tenants’ retainage, while providing web- and mobile-based controls for tenants’ office systems such as electric lighting, daylighting, temperature controls through smart thermostats as well as air conditioning.

  • System Control & Smart Office Automation;

  • Office Monitoring System;

  • Conference and Media Rooms;

  • Lighting & Shade Control (Daylight Harvesting);

  • Distributed Audio & Video;


Commercial and Residential Electric Sub Metered Reading & Billing

In most commercial office and residential buildings sub-meters are read once a month by a building engineer who manually records monthly usages from a meter and transfers the metered data to create an invoice. This is a timely process that leaves room for data entry errors, and misreadings.

TNE provides a complete solution for commercial office and residential building teams to automate the process of billing tenants and residents back for energy costs, including supplemental equipment.

For sub-meters that are already tied to an existing building management system (BAS/EMS), TNE can automatically read and record the meter values every fifteen minutes and automatically generate tenant invoices via our automated billing module part of our iUse energy platform. For standalone sub-meters that are not connected to a remote communication system, we offer an innovative solution to streamline the collection of meter values utilizing our mobile application.

Our service provides building management teams with the following:

  • Ensures accurate allocation and recoupment of energy and cost;

  • Provides detailed accounting of sub-meter costs;

  • Complete solutions that addresses all your tenant/resident sub-meters;

  • Mobile application to streamline the collection of metered data;

  • Secure access to historical and current sub-meter readings and invoices for building teams via our iUse energy platform;

  • Monthly invoices generated as PDF’s for easy delivery to tenants/residents;

  • Monthly energy cost recovery analysis and reporting;

  • Monthly sub-metering sales tax and accounting upload data management;

  • Monthly energy usage and cost forecasting analysis and recommendations;

  • Compatibility with all sub-meters technologies and system protocols (pulse, ModBus RTU, Ethernet/TCP, BacNET, etc.);